Our Technology

New Green SIP Technology

Our patented structural insulated panels (SIPs) represent a major new application for recycled PET plastic bottles. Armacell ArmaForm is the heart our SIPs. This material is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.  Our application techniques used to envelope the ArmaForm produces an incredibly strong, versatile and durable construction material. The construction of our Eco-House saved more than 600,000 plastic bottles from going into oceans and landfills.  New use cases for our technology has the potential to create a new market and increased demand for recycling facilities. Our ForEver sheds are averaging anywhere from 15,000-25,000 recycled bottles per build in 8x12’ to 12x12’ structures depending on design and layout.


Typical Canadian homes use insulation with an R-20 rating, with wooden 2x6 studs used 16 inches apart. Higher rated insulation values are brought down by each stud. Wood creates a thermal break in the insulation (thermal bridging) and reduces the R-value from R-20 down to R-13. Our PET plastic home has been ASTM certified for North America / Europe for a continuous R-30 value with no thermal breaks, making it 2.3 times more efficient than a normal home. This represents a very substantial long-term energy savings. 

Panel Strength

Our SIPs have been independently tested and verified by Element Materials Technologies, (formally Exova Group plc) testing facilities in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. They withstood a 326mph sustained wind force, twice the strength of a Category 5 hurricane. Testing was conducted on a quarter inch (0.25”) of wind deflection on our 8-foot by 8-foot (64sqft) panel. Our lightweight panels rated along the lines of much heavier materials like concrete.